Raf is Rachel's boyfriend during the end of "Spells and Sleeping Bags" and during "Parties and Potions".

First and Second BookEdit

In "Bras and Broomsticks" Raf goes in some dates with Rachel but their "almost relationship" stops when Rachel stands him up. In "Frogs and French Kisses", Rachel tries to cast a love spell on Raf, but instead, it affects his brother, Will. Raf is affected by their relationship, although he doesn't admit it until the third book.

Third and Fourth BookEdit

In "Spells and Sleeping Bags", Raf goes to the same summer camp as Rachel and he starts dating Rachel in the end of the book, who isn't really Rachel but her evil cousin Liana. In the end, Rachel becomes herself again and they share their first kiss in her Balcony. In "Parties and Potions", Raf is dating Rachel but Rachel breaks up with him because she thinks she can't be in a relationship with someone who she can't tell about her magic powers. During that time, she thinks she is in love with Adam, a wizard, but in the end she understands that her true love is Raf and she tells him the truth. She start dating again.

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